• Mittal Group of Institutions offer M.Tech.(ECE, CS), B.Tech.(Civil, Mech., ECE, EEE, Automobile, CS, IT), M.B.A., M.C.A., B.Pharma
  • Mittal Group of Institutions offer BBA, BCA, B.Ed., Polytechnic(Diploma in Engg.-Civil, Mech., EE, CS, ME&RAC), Sr. Secondary School
  • Departments

    The College has established followinag departments :

    1) Department of Computer Science & Engineering.
    2) Department of Information Technology.
    3) Department of Electronic and Communication Engineering.
    4) Department of Electrical Engineering.
    5) Department of Mechanical Engineering.
    6) Department of Civil Engineering.
    7) Department of Chemistry.
    8) Department of Mathematics.
    9) Department of Physics.
    10) Department of Humanities and English.
    11) Department of MBA.
    12) Department of Pharmacy.
    13) Department of Polytechnic Course.

    All the departments are under the charge of Head of the Department having rich experience and capable to produce best students.

    Director, Principal & Faculties

    The College has appointed highly qualified Principals looking after one college each (Individual Principal for each College / Course having rich experience both in teaching and Research). The teaching team lead by Group Director, Director / Principal is having Professors / Associate Professors / Assistant Professors / Lecturers and faculties beside the technical, administrative and other staff.

    Siddhi Vinayak group of colleges established R&D Cell in which a number of faculty members are involved in current research in Science and technology and have published a number of research papers in International Journals of India and abroad. Main emphasis is given in the following fields:

    1. Collision Physics, Radiation Physics, Pulsations in chemically peculiar stars/asterosimology, studies in organic semiconductor.
    2. Organic and Inorganic chemistry.
    3. Sum ability theory and Approximation.
    4. Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining.
    5. Water conservation and Water harvesting.
    6. Research and designing of new weapons technology.
    7. Embedded System design and VLSI design in domains like design, verification and Physical design of various IP's and Protocols.

    Siddhi Vinayak group of colleges is also involved in following fields of management:

    1. Liquidity Management, in housing finance industries in India .
    2. Changing role of leadership in higher education.
    3. Rural Microfinance.
    4. Liquidity management in fast moving consumer goods industry in India .


    On successful completion of academic session and specific training from top Industries, we will help in placement of all the students in reputed companies such as infosys, Wipro, Satyam, Mangalam Cement Ltd. Reliance Industries Limited, Reliance Infocom, Airtel, Hutch, TCS, AIG, Jay Prakash Associates, HSBC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Citi Bank etc. subject to clearance of their test and system.

    We will provide teaching / non-teaching placement to our outstanding students in our group and associated colleges being run at different states in India. We will give preference to our outstanding deserving students in companies being managed by the managing committee members.

    Placements for the Year 2009-10 :

    1. ICFAI LTD.
    a. 6 nos of MBA pre final.
    b. 2 nos final and
    c. 2 nos passout.
    Total: 10 nos.
    2. True Power International Ltd :
    a. 6 nos of B.Tech.(ECE) students.
    b. 2 nos of MBA students.
    c. 1 no. of BBA students.
    d. 1 no. of Polytechnic electrical
    Total: 10 nos.
    3. Metso Minerals Ltd :
    a. 3 nos. of Mech. final year students.
    Total: 3 nos.
    4. Indian Army :
    a. 8 nos. of Mech.(3 Nos. in 5th sem and 5 nos. in 7th sem.)
    b. 12 nos of ECE (7 Nos. in 5th sem. and 5 nos. in 7th sem.)
    c. 9 nos. of CS. (2 Nos. in 5th sem. and 7 nos. in 7th sem.)
    d. 11 nos. of IT. (1 nos. in 5th sem. and 10 nos. in 7th sem.)
    e. 2 nos. of Civil. (2 nos. in 5th sem.)
    Total: 42 nos.
    And the list continues........................

    Payment of Fines and Dues

    The student will have to pay on demand any fine(s) imposed on them or the cost of any damage to equipment or other property of the College or loss of library books. Failure to do so, the same will be deducted from the caution money. If the cost of damages is in excess of the amount of caution money, the students on demand by the Accounts Branch shall deposit the balance; failure to do so may result in the removal of the student name from the College rolls. The student will have to clear all College dues before they are permitted to appear in the promotional / final examinations, if any students fails to clear the dues, their admit cards, provisional certificates, degree/ diploma will be withheld. Once admit cards, provisional certificates, degree/diploma is withheld for any reason, the students will have to pay the 18% interest on delayed payment or Rs. 5000.00 penalty whichever is higher.

    Ragging is strictly prohibited. If any student of any course and year is found involved in ragging,
    Legal & Criminal action(s) will be initiate as per Concerned University rules and as per Court of Law.
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